About This Blog

Highest Expertise?

Why is the URL www.highestexpertise.com? I’m currently a fan of the goal that we operate at our highest level of expertise, and encourage the same in others. Especially when it relates to our passions. Wouldn’t it be great if we all interacted with one another at our highest level of usefulness? Synergy!

Why this Blog?


We often don’t seem to prioritize the ‘business of design’ within our professional growth. Mentoring, communication, profit strategies, setting expectations and more, I’m trying to write on these subjects from the perspective of an landscape architect as business-person. A current focus of my blog is a 100 Conversations project where I’m taking the time to reach out to people to hear about their career challenges, and then distill it through my lens. Maybe one of the most important things for our lives after design school is to realize that we aren’t crazy or alone in what we experience, it’s just that we haven’t talked about it yet with someone else. My goal is to try to foster these conversations.

This blog is just a contemplation of mine to perhaps work through my thoughts on professional growth, business and similar. More for me than anyone else… but I’ve found that sharing is a useful thing as sometimes it reminds us we’re not alone and that others are sharing certain things. We just don’t know that. I’d appreciate you commenting with any similar thoughts on your part, or things that you might be hoping for validation that others go through the same things?